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Hello! I'm William Rader. I'm glad you are here. 👋

My goal is to help you create strong magic that will enhance the lives of your audiences. Every month, I share my unreleased ideas and routines that have been honed in front of real audiences. I also invite my friends to collaborate in discussions and share their material.

About William Rader

I've been an entertainer for over twenty years. I produced the Rocky Mountain Session, produced weekly theater shows, and provide entertain for companies around the world. A few of my clients include Samsung, Verizon, Prudential, and the MLB.

I am also the co-founder of Artisan Tarot. We curate the finest tarot related products. We popularize historic decks by creating elegant restorations and recreations that inspire the imaginations of modern readers. Our products are used by the top readers and mentalists in the industry and are sold in stores worldwide.

While we primarily create tools for tarot readers, most of our items can be used by mentalists. We also occasionally create specialty products, like pentacles and marked decks. So, The Unseen Arts is also a secret place to learn about these products and where I share my routines. 🤫

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