The Magic Sigil

A magical sigil is created to help a participant achieve a desire. There is no sleight-of-hand or trickery, so you can focus on your presentation and connecting with your participants.

The Magic Sigil


In my mentalism performances, I often incorporate magick rituals and techniques. This is because they are inherently interesting, educational, and are wonderful ways to start deep conversations.

I’ve been fascinated with sigils for a number of years, and wanted a way to incorporate them into my performances. So, I created this routine for walk-around environments and casual situations to accompany my readings. This is best for one-on-one situations or a small group of people, and is perfect to perform in coffee shops and restaurants.

If you are a professional reader, you can add this to the list of services you provide. This routine can help differentiate yourself from other readers. It will also play well at house parties where you have been hired to give readings or perform walk-around mentalism.

This can also be performed as a piece of walk-around mentalism in a corporate environment, however I wouldn’t open my performances with it. Since this is a more serious routine, you won’t get the laugh and applause that an event planner expects to hear. But, this is the perfect routine to keep in your back pocket when one or two groups want to see something extra special.

So, what is a sigil?

A sigil is a design that visually represents a goal, dream, desire, or aspiration. The sigil that you will learn to create was made popular in Chaos magic, which was founded on the beliefs of artist Austin Osman Spare. Once a sigil has been created, you typically activate it by focusing your intentions on the sigil and burning the paper upon which it is written. This releases the desire from the conscious mind, so that it can be manifested.